Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lessons Learned on a Forum

These are the lessons that I learned from being a part of a forum. I wrote them down in the order they came to me and did not chang them. Enjoy.

Do not let someone you don’t know tell you who someone else (that you don’t know) is

Stay loyal to your friends, even if they befriend a PERCEIVED enemy.

Keep taking risks; it’s better than building a wall around your heart.

Remember that forgiveness is not only for the benefit of the one you believed wronged you.

Compromising your own value system for the good will end badly 9 out of 10 times

It is possible to be confrontational and civil at the same time

To me, the word B-I-T-C-H stands for: Be In Total Control of Herself…..LMBOOOOOOO

Respect and value people who remain calm in total and utter chaos. They are a necessity during those times

Physically attack me, and although stupid and cruel, you at least gave me the opportunity to look you in the eye. But write mean things about me while incorporating your own sick fantasies into it without even attaching your username; that’s just cowardly and pathetic.

To the minors, be careful what you post on the internet. It may come back to haunt you later on, causing much embarrassment and harm in real life.

With the exception of minors and the mentally ill, people don’t play with your mind. You allow people to play with your mind. And it can still happen to rational mentally sound adults.

Even if you know someone is lying, list to them anyway. You may find points of truth in what they say.

Accept that apologies are not always about who is right and who is wrong. It’s acknowledging the aftermath of a bad situation and a desire to make it better.

You can only hold onto anger for a finite amount of time

Privacy, unlike respect, is a right. There is no need to put personal info out there, even if it is readily available

My blog page is not a democracy. Hateful comments and excessive swearing will not be allowed.

Take care of yourselves out there.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Virtual Reality

This poem is dedicated to all of the friends I have made on the internet. Even to the people that I am not crazy I about or are not crazy about me, I still care about and love you guys.

We decided to hide behind a screen
So some things in our lives couldn't be seen

Our fears, our loses, our wishes and our needs
Becoming anonymous wtih usernames, posts, and some with masked IPs

It starts out as fun but becomes so much more
The screen between us becomes an unlocked door

We open up about our fears, our losses, our wishes and our needs
We become friends, confidants, a support sytem...a team.

Our true personalities slowly came through the PMs and group chats we had
Because the truth cannot be hidden for long when you make good friends

Some of us are chill, wound up, fearful, funny, sensitive, and tough
But we understand and accept one another, which helps a lot when the going gets tough.

I have laughed, cried, been angry, felt guilt, and made amends
With people from all over the globe in just a matter of seconds.

New friendships were made, some lasted and some turned sour
But a lot was learned about trust, motives, and power.

Some enemies were made as time went on or based on what others said
And I found out that some who were assumed to be had been wrongly read.

This all happens in front of my computer in the security of my home,
No other person physically around, but I feel far from alone.

You may wonder how I can say that I love those I only know behind a screen on my PC,
But for me it's quite simple; Love is needed everywhere, even in the world of virtual reality.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It was not the resolution I prayed for
And as God listened He knew this was so
But ultimately it was His decision
This was how things were going to go.

He knew the loss and grief coming our way
Was knew the pain going to be very real
He knew we might even turn away from Him
Since in our mind He failed to listen to our appeal

But we soon realize the biggest mistake
Is that we have turned away
He doesn’t leave us during times of trial
He yearns for us to run into his arms and stay.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chemo Crucifixion

Down the road to Golgotha,
Down the hall to chemotherapy,
A crown of thorns pierces His head
A needle frightens her and bruises Her hand
Abused and mocked by ruthless soldiers for hours
The last one to leave the chemotherapy ward
He’s scared but willing
She’s depressed but willing.
He knows what is going to happen
She now knows what is going to happen
Nails through His wrist
Drugs through Her body
Every part of His body hurts
Every part of Her body hurts
Death for the world’s salvation
Poisonous drugs for her healing
He feels forsaken by God
She feels forsaken by God
My Savior
My Mother
Holy Week
Fourth chemotherapy session